FIFA gives $1.3 million Christmas bonus to its national federations


By David Owen
December 23 – FIFA has moved quickly to spell out how much in one-off financial contributions each if its 209 member associations will next year be entitled to, and the answer is $1.05 million. Adding in a first $250,000 bonus already made available, it means that each association will be eligible for $1.3 million of one-off payments over the 18 months from June this year. The overall bill for this comes to $271.7 million.

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News analysis: What next at the Marrakesh bizarre?

FIFA House4

By Andrew Warshaw in Marrakesh
December 18 – The fallout from Michael Garcia’s resignation as FIFA’s chief investigator continued apace today as world football’s governing body met to consider their next move amid collective shock and surprise among the organisation’s top brass.

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