Marinakis and Olympiacos lead call for clubs to act on refugee and inclusion issues

By Paul Nicholson

September 6 – Olympiacos president Evangelos Marinakis, speaking at the Athens conference ‘Reinforcing, Crossing, and Transcending Borders: Soccer in a Globalized World’ sent a message to the world’s leading clubs saying “it is vital that they now accept their social responsibility towards their communities, and the world, by means of promoting specific actions and initiatives that can change the lives of everyday people.”

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Olympiacos partners Harvard University to host talkshop on football’s social responsibility

August 30 – Forget the obsequious amounts of money being lashed out on footballers, next week Olympiacos FC is hosting a conference in partnership with Harvard University promoting football’s social responsibility, particularly in relation to refugees and other vulnerable groups. The real world people transfers that no-one really wants to face up to, and certainly not club owners.

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