Caribbean mayhem or post-colonial arrogance?


CONCACAF is voting again. Chuck Blazer, a US citizen, is stepping down to be succeeded by Sunil Gulati, a US citizen, who will be promoted to FIFA’s Executive Committee. Meanwhile, the tiniest of Caribbean islands that make up the majority of the CFU, are following orders as usual.  This time, not those of the much maligned Jack Warner, but those of a dubious and FIFA-reprimanded figure, Gordon Derrick, victorious in a somewhat weird election to the helm of the CFU in Budapest last year (held in parallel to the FIFA Congress),

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The AFC minefield turns toxic

Sadly, the AFC presidential and FIFA Executive Committee elections in Asia promise to deliver another battle-field of smear and grime. Some of the protagonists are set to disappear into their self-made trenches of libel and slander, while one (or two) others are quietly watching from the side-lines at present, but ready to hit the unsuspecting contenders at the opportune moment.

Sri Lankan Vernon Manilal Fernando has been eliminated from proceedings. Temporarily, they say.

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Inside Insight: As straight as an Arabian dagger…the race for the AFC presidency

Deutsche Fassung  

The Asian Football Confederation, AFC, is trying one more time to get its house in order. After a dismal era under an omni(im)potent Peter Velappan (a GenSec who played president for far too long), a man with an often particular management style took over the helm: Mohamed bin Hammam was in charge, and in ways that widened many a nostril. What he created, at times against crude opposition, is a more functioning and more modern organisation in terms of competitions,

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[b]Inside Insight:[/b] Everybody talks about racism but no-one really cares

Let us assume that all those do-gooders who are so very concerned about mankind (while only paying lip-service to a ‘trend’ that seems worth exploiting for their own advancement) have a tiny remnant of human decency left and, for once, actually mean what they say and not only say what others want to hear.

Let us further assume that the large group of those who are mentally differently abled (i.e. either don’t have a clue or don’t give a hoot),

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