Beijing Gouan launch co-branded card with CITIC Bank

April 8 – News from the Chinese football market is generally about big money acquisition of football assets outside the country, or the import of what look like very expensive international players. But there are signs that the domestic football marketing opportunity is not being lost with Super League clubs who are usually owned by one funding sponsor or business conglomerate.

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EA Sports demos FIFA 16 using top 50 player ratings


By Mark Baber
September 8 – EA Sports FIFA 16 is today (depending on geographical location) available to users in demo version. The company has been promoting the new game through release of its ratings for players, including a top 50, with the full version of the game due for release around September 22.

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We:Ex to get touchy feely with fans at IFA Berlin

Billie Whitehouse

By Paul Nicholson
August 21 – Expanding the digital experience to connect with more fans in more locations and in different ways, has become a holy grail for clubs worldwide. It is all about building big numbers of connected people to your brand. But what if that digital experience could be turned into a physical experience. Rather than just hearing and seeing action as it happens you could physically feel it as well.

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